CAPITO - Why an attention test?

  • Specific tests are able to highlight changes before the symptoms change.
  • A lot of research shows significant changes in the area of attention after neurofeedback sessions.  The test also shows significant changes in attention after meditation. 
  • With newer procedures in neurofeedback (IS, ILF, Z-Score-training, sLoreta NF) we should be able to notice changes in the measured values after just one session.

Aren't there enough attention tests?

  • CAPITO is not a test in the conventional sense.
  • It does not concern diagnostics - but about a certain means of assessment that does not require any normative data.
  • CAPITO can be used flexibly.
  • Measure the decisive, critical properties of attention



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Since more than 15 years we develop products that help you in your daily work in practice. CAPITO is the latest product that we have developed in collaboration with global capabilities in the field of bio- and neurofeedback.

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